Thursday, October 29, 2009


A new fly for the fall season in the valley.
This one was born from the original intruders with an eggy twist.

This, like most other intruders I tie, is tied on a straightened 2/0 salmon hook. I rig a stinger hook using my tippet and a small piece of junction tubing with a non-slip loop. Rigging in this way has three major advantages over using just the long shank hook; the short shank of the stinger decreases the amount of leverage that the fish can apply, the stinger is free to move once a fish is hooked additionally decreasing the fish's leverage, and the hook can easily be replaced if it becomes dull or damaged.

I will be putting together some step by step picture instructions for tying and rigging intruder style flies (good motivation for getting a new tying area set up).

The tug is the drug

Monday, October 19, 2009

Flies For The Season

This past week's rain brought some much needed water, the first feeling of Fall temperatures, and even gave my boat a good free bath.

As my wife and I make plans for the addition to our family, close to the top of the list was the location of the nursery. I will soon be giving up my fly addict room to make way for the crib, changing table, and other required items. I began the process of moving out but had to spend one final evening at my tying bench before it was relocated (to where I am not yet sure but it is not staying where it is).

Fitting of the change in season I tied a few holiday flies. I am sure that both will go for a swim very soon.

Halloween (Orange Back Zombie)

Christmas (Green Tailed Bow)
Yes it is still a quite a ways off but it will be here before we know it.

One little piece of advice that has served me well for the past few years. Get your holiday shopping done before November 15th. It will win you huge points with your wife (if you have one), you will not have to listen to all that crappy holiday music while shopping, and you will free up some time down the road to spend on the river when the big boys are around.

The tug is the drug