Friday, July 24, 2009

Week In Review

I had the chance to get out and chase some fish over the past few weeks. I spent a few evenings out on the American chasing some stripers around. We managed a few schoolies here and there but nothing note worthy. I did get a few good reports of better numbers of fish in the lower river so this week will warrant some exploration.

As for Steelhead, there are some fish scattered throughout the American system. I got ripped one morning this week and I saw a pod of fish move through Grissmill on Wednesday that were as bright as could be and in the 5-7lb range. I am hopeful that this is a sign of good things to come.

I also had the opportunity to spend a day over in Truckee with Brian Slusser. Brian is a local guide to the Truckee area. He owns and operates Four Seasons Fly Fishing.

We spent half of the day out on Stampede Reservoir and the evening on the Truckee. We got into lots bass throughout the morning. No monsters but plenty of action to keep up occupied. After a few hours we ventured back into one of the inlets only to find a huge swarm of hoppers throughout the tree lined shores and when the wind would blow they ended up on the water. I have never seen such a thing on still water. Even the Geese were excited and chasing the water trapped hoppers so it would only make sense that the trout would also be keyed in. We made a dozen or so drifts with fish on every one, even a few doubles and a few multiple fish drifts. Again no monsters but still pretty cool to catch fish on the surface, in high sun, with large dry flies. The evening ended on the moving water of the Truckee with lots of fish chasing bugs to the surface.

If you are planning a trip to the Truckee area please don't hesitate to look Brian up. He is a great guide, knows the area well, and can customize a trip that will far exceed your expectations.

I will be launching a some special programs for the fall and winter, details coming soon.

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