Friday, September 18, 2009

Yuba Going Strong

We have had a few days on the Yuba over the past week and she is putting up good numbers of quality fish including a few chrome dandies. The mornings have been a little slow but by mid afternoon things have been in full swing with good evening hatches. We have been averaging a few fish per day on the swing but most have come on nymphs and drys. A fair number of Salmon are also in the system with 20-30 spotted each day (hopefully lots more to come). Egg hatch soon?

Fish and Game has been out starting their Redd surveys. If you see bright orange rocks on the banks an in the stream bed please avoid walking in these areas. Additionally if you see areas where the rocks look bright white, these are also redds and should be avoided. I have yet to see any fish staging but it should begin soon.

The tug is the drug.